Your app crashed when downloading because Asset was not found [..]

Hi All,

I’m trying to update a watch face on Google Play Console compiled with WFS 1.5.7 (already released several months ago) and I receive a refusal from Google with the following reason:

“Your app crashed when downloading because Asset was not found in the watch face package.”

I don’t understand what this message means because I have no way to interfere with the creation of the package.

I tried to create a new .AAB package and send it to Google but I still get the same rejection.

Obviously the watch face works perfectly between WFS, WIFI connection and my watch.

Has anyone had a similar experience?

I thought the “memory budget” issue was over and now a new issue appears that I don’t know what to do with.

Thank you !

Hi Matteo,

There are other threads where this is happening when the project file originated on an older version of WFS.
I think the solution was to open the project in 1.3.13 then open it in 1.5.7 version but there was discussion of removing the assets from the project and readded them

See this thread

Samsung Developer Relations

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Thanks @r.liechty_SDR , I’ll try to do as you suggested.

I’ll update the thread as soon as I have news.

Hi @r.liechty_SDR


  • I reopened the project with WFS 1.3.13, made a small change and saved.
  • I then opened the project with WFS 1.5.7, made the necessary small changes, created the .AAB file and sent it to Google for validation.

It worked. The watch face was accepted by Google.

There was no need to recreate the assets.

Thanks again.

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hi @Matteo_Dini , thanks for your advise as above. i have question, do we need two version of watch face to do that? How to use two version on same pc.
Also from your other message glad to hear that memory budget issue solved. I will start creating new watch face again. Thanks.

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If WFS isn’t installed for all users on the computer then you can just install the 1.3.13 version as another user.

Samsung Developer Relations



I always have a backup copy of projects created with previous WFS.

In any case, you can create two users or simply uninstall and reinstall the versions of WFS to make the changes you need.

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