Your payment account has been temporarily suspended

I know this is off topic, but I have no idea who to contact

Since this morning I’ve been getting the following message in the Play Console:
You are currently unable to receive payouts because your payment account has been temporarily suspended.

I’m supposed to go to my payment settings to fix the problem. There should be information there as to why my payment profile is blocked. But there is nothing there. I haven’t changed anything, my bank details are up to date, as is my address.
I can’t find any way to contact Google about this either.

I ask for help.

look here…had the same problem last year

Payment account Temporarily blocked - Watch Face Studio - Samsung Developers Community Forums & Tech Support

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You must fill out the form on this page

Bestätigung der Händleridentität für Auszahlungen - Google-Zahlungscenter-Hilfe

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Thank you very much for the information. I have now filled out the form and sent it off. I’m irritated that I didn’t get any mail from Google. Also, I was not given any reason why my account is blocked. There have never been any problems and I haven’t made any changes to my account. I’ll wait and see what happens now. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to sell Watch Faces now, nor get my money from Google.

Also, I can’t find a way to contact Google (either by email or any other way)

I didn’t get that email. You can sell WF, it’s only about the payment

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Thanks again for the help. Account is activated again.:grinning: