Broken text display in GW6

I don’t have the GW6 for testing. I am using WFS 1.4.20. I have received issue mails from several customers who have GW6. Anyone had similar problem? Even though the text fields are quite wide, the text is broken.


Can you please share which complication you used? Or you can share a sample project to check the problem.

I’ve experienced similar with a watch face I made yesterday on my watch6. Just a text with battery percentage via a -tag. Didn’t get quite as cut off as yours, but a little bit. And the field was same as you not that small but had plenty of extra space. Perhaps it doesn’t take enough space as the font requires?

It’s not necessarily a complication. Every text object that uses TrueType has this problem.
The file containing only text fields with the same font of the same project is attached. (778.8 KB)

As you can see in the screenshot, the text fields are large enough.

I am guessing this is only a problem with WearOS 4?

I notice in WFS 1.4. the complication has 2 components: 1. Text , 2. Slot bound.

Is it possible if the size of the “Slot bound” is affecting the text? I mean, if the slot bound is smaller than the text field, then the text will be cut out.

So, under “Complication” there are text and slot bound. Click the “Slot bound” and resize the slot bound so it’s bigger than the text ?

That’s exactly it. He needs to make the Slot bound bigger for every complication.

EDIT: Never mind, the problem is present even in text objects.

This problem is present not only in complication but also in all kinds of text objects. Steps, batteries these aren’t complications

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Is it also with the Samsung supplied Fonts and Sync with Device fonts or only the custom fonts?

Samsung Developer Relations

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In One UI 5, This happens when using a font that WinAscent and WinDescent of the font are not optimized.

I use by TTF fonts a space before the text, for now is this a solution

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I had problems with custom fonts. Galaxy Watch 4 has no problem, but watch 6 classic has a problem. According to customer reports, it may only be a problem for the Galaxy Watch 6 47mm.

Maybe, but I guess it is not possible to use spaces in complications.

It’s confusing that it’s okay with the watch 4 and not the watch 6. Might be related to Wear OS 4. Maybe it’s because the watch 6 47mm has 480×480 px.

Try to change fonts and see if the problem persists

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There is no similar problem on every watch face. Therefore, there is no problem with every font. I don’t have a Galaxy Watch 6 47mm for testing, I’ll find a solution by testing when I get it.

Good afternoon. Everything should be fine, but for some reason the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic shows designs with errors built with WFS 1.3.13

For Galaxy Watch 5 and older, everything works as expected.

I don’t even understand how to fix these errors. Because the Pay store does not accept designs created with WFS 1.4.20. Because there are memory problems.

What to do? For now, take the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic off the sales list?

Example: As it should be.

Example: Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is displayed.

It is interesting that the color of the numbers changes by itself.

Kādi risinājumi?

I think this problem is caused by pixel difference between gw5 and 6 cl. Because gw5 is 450 px while gw6 cl is 480 px. The purchased wf is 450 px, but it is increased to 480 px when it is loaded into the watch, so I think the px values ​​of the Fonts are getting larger and they do not fit in the specified area.

Watch6 - 47mm have 480px.
Watch 6 - 43mm is smaller as the 450px. Not sure, but I think it was 433px.

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