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If we downloaded internet explorer would it work then? ARE there any updated on this at all?

No, Microsoft does not support IE any longer that makes it a security risk. There are some people saying it is working with Tizen Studio now if that is correct I think GWS users can generate their Certificates using that and be OK I’m trying to verify that now.

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I have tried two versions of tizen Studio still blank screen when trying to log in to Samsung. I have used both chrome and edge. Used both Windows 10 and 11…

The default browser makes no difference. The more I read about this it appears it may be a Java Library version that is the issue.

I am hoping it is fixed either in a Tizen Studio update or in a Seller Portal fix.

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how long will this be before I can use it?

I hope that would be applicable to GWD - which is what I’ve been using. And, have liked working with prior to the certif. issues. :crossed_fingers:

I’ve asked if they were going to update GWS but I don’t think they will. I will test to see if you can generate the Certificate with Tizen Studio Certificate manager and move those to the GWS keystore folder and side load that way.

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Then what the heck am i supposed to do to use galaxy watch studios?

see my response in private mail.

For others if the Tizen Studio generated certificate doesn’t work with GWS you can use Tizen Studio or a 3rd party watch face maker app.

I’ll post a new Topic with instructions if it works.


Hi Ron,

Does that mean the team was unable to come up with a fix for the Internet Explorer nukes our author certificates issue?

If yes, is Tizen Studio compatible with GWD-developed watchfaces? And, Active2 watches? In case we want to modify/edit our previous designs (I have a lot…) and/or use them as a jumping off point for new designs to save time.

Do you know of compatible (to Photoshop & to Galaxy Active2 watches) 3rd party watch face making apps you feel are trustworthy & work well that you can point us to? If that’s the last resort & we absolutely can’t use GWD anymore…

I’m not a graphic designer. I’m a photographer. So my “weapon” of choice for design & editing is Photoshop (Ps) and I rely mostly on photos vs custom digital drawings for my watch faces. I pull the watch face elements that are downloaded from the GWD developer kit into Ps to create my watch face designs.

Thx for the follow-up info you’ve provided. BTW, if you start a new discussion on how to proceed, would you pls include a link to it from this thread so we can easily find it?

We look forward to a solution to the certificate error. :sweat:

I’m closing this topic.

Please post all certificate and run on device discussion in This Topic

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