Developer Account Terminated - Google Play Console

I created an account in 2019. I studied Android development and published various applications. Then I hid all applications (cannot be deleted). In 2023, he began making watch faces and selling them on GooglePlay. The old applications remained hidden and I had no intention of continuing to work with them. On June 1, 2024 my account was deleted. Explained (deceptive actions). The appeal was answered in kind (do not try to register a new account, we will delete it too). That’s all! My brand name is AlexBurrStudio, email account

@Yuan25 did you get your account back?

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Yes, I got it back. I wrote a little above

Yep I know :slight_smile: I pinged @Yuan25 :slight_smile:

Oh ok, sorry :smile:
What’s up @Yuan25 . Did you get it back?

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NO. Not yet.
I try 3 times. 3 times also I think is bot reply me with same standard reply.
First and second time appeal, I did not do more investigation.
Third time. I submit all detail investigation what I found and how to prevent in future.
But sadly. Same standard reply, same as the first email they reply me.

For me, yes. My app detect trojan by Ikarus(Result from virusTotal)
MY WF app contain 2 files
Wear OS .aab - no issue
Companion .aab - detect trojan

This companion .aab build by Android studio JellyFish.
I build an empty activity project with Jelly Fish, no include any library - detect trojan by goole Ikarus

empty app with Koala Beta - no issue
Empty app with Koala - no issue(I just install today)

I scan run my whole system with Bitdefender, CleanMyMacX - no issue.

Screenshot 2024-07-11 at 9.53.19 PM

Only Ikarus, scan the empty app file build by JellyFish detect trojan, but not other antivirus software.
I believe it is falsePositive.
Everytime I send the email, only bot reply me, no human(I guess).

I sent my companion app .aab file to Ikarus. They confirm it is False-Positive.
From Ikarus reply email:
" false-positive******"
" This false positive was removed and should not occur any more after our next database update."

I reply the Google appeal email with this new information and request re-evaluation of my case.
Fail again. : (

ps: I am so sorry for my poor English here. When I reply with google appeal letter, I spend very long time and write in better way, correct grammar and more professional with Gemini help.

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@Dadam it is good that you have account back, I hope that other users will manage to recover it too.
Support :slight_smile: