Galaxy Watch Studio and Mac Big Sur Update

I haven’t tested it yet. Hope it works.


I have it working with 11.4


It works, i tested it. A Big (Sur) thanks to agepictures for this port!!!

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I’m really glad that the work was not done in vain)

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Which now looks like a solution. The information would be helpful.

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Very odd issue. It’s not able to save/write anything to my hdd…

In order to bypass the dropbox download damaged message, I ran this in terminal:

sudo xattr -rd /Applications/

Anyone able to fix this writing to the HDD issue? I even tried saving to my desktop, no luck.

I should mention, I’m running Big Sur 11.5.1

I think every time someone figures out how to run GWS on Big Sur Apple changes something to break it.
Check out this note it may help

Samsung Developer Relations

It works! I couldn’t have done it without you.
Thank you for your effort.

Thank you, thank you! Your solution worked. Followed the instructions for a damaged app. IT WORKED. Most appreciated.

Hi, im really new on this, regarding the developing experience, please may i ask if GWS can work with JDK older than 13.02? and also, if somebody can clarify, what about WFS (watch face studio) is there any difference? --update-- one works with tizen and the other with wear os! :stuck_out_tongue: