Heart rate [HR]

In the attached file., rename extension to .wfs, is a example of heartrate measuring with tap.
When you tap you see an image. Wen the measuring is ready it disappears.

It works on my watch.

RENAME EXTENSION TO .wfs You can onlu upload zip files.

Heartrate Measuring.zip (453.5 KB)

That could be the problem. That is why there is the big warning to try on a device before uploading to the store.


I hope, the problem was gone for the new version. I check daily to see if there is a new version. :slight_smile:

Google just rejected my watch face.
Same problem as everyone else, heart rate failure.
I leave a capture so that you can see that it is perfectly explained how the reading process is.
All Oppo watches excluded.
Who performs the tests on google?
He does not know how to read?
Samsung can not say anything about it to google?
The Play Store is a mess and the testers are the same.

It’s a shame to have to endure this.

They require an accurate description. In the pictures, the article is insignificant. images are not translated by google.

Hello, I tried your method, I wrote in the description area “Heart Rate (tap the heart rate icon to measure)” and I added this “*** The watch must be worn on the wrist for Health and Sports data to work.”

Unfortunately, they rejected them due to HR again. I don’t know what I will do. I think Google want to see every heartbeat momentarily :slight_smile:

Write that the heart is just a picture that doesn’t work. :slight_smile: You can make corrections later.

The test or heart rate is not covered by any other invisible image

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Have you actually done it like this?
I hope this way works.
I’m going crazy because it’s my 10th time being rejected.

I was rejected many times on 3 watch faces, I deleted all devices and left only the Galaxy watch 4 and I still got a message saying that the heart rate doesn’t work on the OPPO watch, but I deleted it​:tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

I was rejected again and got this message.

I deleted the guidance description and image related to heart rate, and explained that heart rate does not work because it is a function to be put later. And I applied for a review. However, it was also rejected.
The reason for rejection is that the heart rate doesn’t work…This was my 11th challenge.

You can try less details in the description like what @Matteo_Dini suggested. Initially, I place a short description of the watch face, add just 2 features in my FEATURES list like 2 customizable app shortcuts, 5 Preset App shortcuts, then a list of app shortcuts. I even mentioned the Measuring Heart Rate in the app shortcut but never explained about it. My phone screenshots not edited, it even explained how Heart rate works. After validation, that’s the time we can update our description and images.

I’ve already tried all the methods suggested here. However, the result is rejection.
I don’t know what else I can do.

I’ve had a few watch faces with HRM pass the review without any issues, and then a few rejected. All had identical copy/paste detailed description regarding HRM and similar visuals about HRM.
Seems to be random, depending on the reviewer you get, and how thorough they are when going through the provided description and visuals. Quite annoying.

For my last 3 submissions I’ve tried awf’s idea of hiding all HRM related elements in WFS, and building a watch face that’s simply blank where the HRM should be. Also hiding any sign of HRM in the description and visuals. This always seems to pass review without issues. :grin:
When it passes, simply release an updated version with all HRM elements shown and update description and visuals (which takes 1-2 days to be fully released in the store).
Downside is that this takes a bit of extra work, but at least there aren’t any silly issues with HRM “not working” when it does.


I sent a new update without HR, let’s see if it’s approved.

rejected again!
why do they ask for an application with phone interaction?Screenshot_20211015-142359_Gmail|458x500

I made everything from scratch without import GWD resources. This time they rejected due to the below reasons; I used the same promotional documents as before. I captured from Watch Face Studio Emulator and added those images in my promotional documents. They accepted 30 watch faces with the same assets before. Do you know what I can do? I selected only Samsung Watches in Device Catalogue

I have 5 images for promotional and their sizes;
1500x750, 1100x550, 550x1100

For animation;

Wear screenshot
Here are some issues we found with your Wear OS screenshots:

Your app’s Play Store listing provided non-valid Wear OS screenshot aspects such as 1:1 for circular and square screenshots and 4:5 for rectangular screenshots
Your app’s Play Store listing provided a non-valid Wear OS screenshot which is framed within the device. A valid Wear OS screenshot must include the full-frame image of the app interface.
Your app’s Play Store listing provided a non-valid Wear OS screenshot with additional text and graphics that are not part of your actual app’s interface.
Your Wear OS screenshots include transparent backgrounds or masking.

my screenshots are attached.

Just one question. Maybe because in the pictures the Galaxy Active is displayed and not the Galaxy Watch 4? Try to use product images of the Galaxy Watch 4.

I couldn’t find Galaxy Watch 4 asset in Samsung Asset Creators. Do you know how I can find them? I don’t use pictures on Google due to copyright.

I’m afraid the use of GW4 graphics won’t change much. Until now, on the 80 faces that were added to the store, I was using the GW4 face look art, and it was OK. Suddenly, overnight, it turned out that this could not be the case, and three watch faces were rejected. Of course, I wrote the appeals, and in them I wrote what I think about the people doing the verification.
I think that the method of verification depends on the verifier, their humor or mood. It’s getting worse. This is very irritating and embarrassing.