Latest WatchFace Studio 1.1.9 WearOS Status and Supported devices in the catalog Problem!

I know how you feel. I also get calls “scammers” by ordinary customers. when I offered them a solution, they just cursed at me and didn’t open their minds.

You’re right too, Ron has helped us a lot. I’m not going to get mad and blame Ron either. I personally thank Ron.

maybe if there is a famous youtuber who can or a famous person on twitter can raise this issue, then Google will realize it. just my simple thoughts when our voices are not heard.

sorry my English is not good.

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I just have done with 2 x reviews for the same .Reported them to Google. If google doesnt do anything, I will also remove from releases.

We do work with teams inside Google who may be sympathetic.

Samsung Developer Relations


That sounds good :grinning: I hope you find a solution.:pray:

well im afraid i might have to do same as you for future releases because my reporting review didnt help . I really dont like this but now this leaves me with no choice. Google thinks there is no violation was the reply i got from them.

I am still waiting for mine, it’s being reviewed by specialists since yesterday.

And the best part is that the store can remove the app from the store for such complaints without warning. Because the customer is always right. The only thing that can be done is to currently remove Russia from the country of sale.

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This is getting very off-topic from the main issue discussed here, which is the problem with Google Play Console “Active” status, but hey, I guess this is one of the consequences of this issue… this whole topic is a bit of a mixed bag. :rofl:

I’m sure most of us have had comments like these at some point, where one frustrated user leaves an overly negative unfair review, and won’t listen to any solutions to their (usually easily fixable) problem. It’s annoying, but not much you can do except maybe report it to the store support.
The good news about this is that Play Store, since recently I believe, only show users the reviews from their general region, left by those with same/similar devices.
Only you (the developer) see them all in the Play Console. Ratings (1 to 5 stars) are still visible to everyone, but the comments aren’t.

Indeed it’s off topic and and they even locked a previous topic to avoid unnecessary comments and trouble that might arise. So we should stop discussing things like that in the forum.

But what if those comments end up suspending the watch face for all markets.

I get negative feedback for Google issues every day. 99% of the negative feedbacks I receive refer to “installation issues”. I also reply to about 30 emails a day on how to install watch faces on GW4. All these things aren’t respectable and above all intolerable. Google Play Store fails to fix for months the most normal thing: having watch faces installed. The worst thing is that more and more users think that it is an issue of Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

BTW: I no longer pay attention to all the idiots who write absurd things. Anyway, Google should allow these idiots to install watch faces without too many tricks.


I agree. They give long winded standard replay which does not at all address the specific issues raised.

Another problem seems to be here. I submitted an update yesterday and it was released. It is not visible in the Playstore but it is visible in the web version.

Playstore App:

Playstore Web:

I am not even see any kind of Version Information inside of the Play Store App an my Phone.
(Without using a companion app).

It looks like we will have to wait until fall 2022 when google roll out their pixel watch. It would be just fantastic when we could get ANY information about the situation also by Samsung. That we don’t get ANY feedback by ANY side is just the joke of the year.

By far the biggest advantage of the Galaxy Store was its selection of watch faces, suitable for every taste.

Google has taken this part and is putting it on the back burner.

At Google I/O, they talked about the advantage of connecting everything to everything, and then they don’t get something this simple right.

They’re not incompetent, they’re just not interested right now. They’re doing an incredibly bad job here. I’ve never seen such a bad communication policy. I’ve only seen that from scam companies.


I am really thinking about switching to other platforms such as facer or watchmaker. It’s just annoying. We developers have more to do with answering questions and complaints than developing watch faces.


This morning I sent yet another support request for the inability to tag apps as watch faces to download them directly to the watch.

I expect to receive the usual prepackaged answer with no solutions.


Something happens to the Playstore. The web version has a new look. I hope the Playstore app will change too.

My request has been in process for 4 weeks. Google works fine :slight_smile:

I still see the same google play web version :frowning: