Watch Face Studio Feature Requests (continued)

You can currently set up this type of functionality yourself. Just set up 2 graphics. One is a fully transparent png (hide) and the actual graphic you want to show.

Disadvantages: the blank png consumes memory.
Pros: you can set up more than just 0 or 1.

But if you only need an on-off switch, the software solution is of course good, especially when we could handle a GROUP with that. :thinking:

For Complications None is already an option
For Styles and Themes those also can contain an invisible element.
I’m not sure what else you can do and still have the consistent User Interface that is the philosophy of Wear OS Powered by Samsung.

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  1. Groups hiding
  2. Miles / kilometers switch
  3. Two or more font styles.
    and many more usabilities…

I currently do have plenty of watch faces with these “invisible tricks” to be able to turn off some of the elements but as @matze_styles4you wrote, empty images are consuming memory & power.

Thanks I’ll add it to the request list but I don’t know if it is do-able. I can’t think of how the end user will know what a layer is :slight_smile:
I know there is some way in Play Store to bundle watch apps it may be another option.

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Thanks Ron ! :slightly_smiling_face: Now I’m doing it like many other devs - giving names like “White color On / Off”. There are only two positions 1 On 2. Off. or vice versa. It uses fully transparent style which isn’t great for battery life. Also, it’s not applicable for let’s say, groups or texts.

just give us a complication for the samsung health things
like the 3 bar thing: steps, time, calories

how could you even not already did this? this is the obvioust thing :man_facepalming:
you build a watch that can track every **** but dont let us show it in custom watchfaces
very bad
[vulgarity edited]

We do they are in Small Image and Monochromatic Image complications. They are not listed because they are not compatible on all Wear OS Powered by Samsung Devices the user has to customize them.

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Theme colors is one of the greatest features we got with WFS. Just dropping a white bitmaps or object there and click the paint bucket, boom. However if we could have 2 sets of Theme Color Palettes in the Style tab that can be customized separately, this would be really great. It will minimize us to use images for custom colors and will open us to almost unlimited color combination and customization.

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I believe it is already on the request list but I’ll check. Font Styles is on it for sure. Also, it would be nice if there was a theme within themes For example the user changed to Blue for a background it changed to Gold for the Font color



That’s fantastic. Thanks in advance. I can’t imagine the creativity between developers with that feature.