Watch Face Studio Feature Requests (continued)

This is what I end up with. The curvature goes… wonky. And the ends don’t line up like I expect on either side (per my previous note about being able to adjust the end cap angle). I’ve made it green so you can see it more easily but it… it just does weird things. The first shot is where I want it but the second shot shows that no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get it to keep the same rounded curvature even if I try to adjust it. It does all kinds of weird things…

So, to be clear: Adjusting the Curvature value means that the progress bar no longer perfectly mirrors the curve of the end of the face and trying to adjust it makes things… break.

Unless I’m doing something I ought not?

Some things you need to do as a designer for example you could create your own square progress bars using 4 progress bars the range of each one is a side.

Dear lord, that’s absolutely brilliant…

Windows has a magnifying app you might want to learn how to use that on such a large screen.

I’ve been refusing because I don’t want to feel like I’m getting old. But… I get it.

Animation is optimized for 15 frames per second I think changing that is hard. You just need to adjust your animations for now but I will pass that on.

And I get that too. I was just kind of hoping :slight_smile:

Because many icons are copyrighted there is an licensing issue if Samsung distributes them.

Aight, that’s pretty fair.

Watch Face Studio is documented HERE and there are some code labs. Our support team usually does one blog a month as well search

Oh yeah, I’ve been reading that. It’s just a little sparse on some of the details.

There is a Code Lab for tags HERE


Also, I’ve noticed that your latest release fixed the progress bar battery temp integration. Thank you again!

Ask here and you will get lots of help from others and myself. This is a very generous group of Designers.

Yeah, you guys are more responsive than I would ever have expected, thank you.

Finally, I kind of like the OK I get a smile every time I close it for that little bit of rebellion snuck in past the translators.

Okay, no, leave it then. If it does that much for you, by all means please take it, lol.

Oh, something I keep forgetting to mention. The indexes objects… they don’t seem to size to the face like I would expect? I created one at 450x450 but it doesn’t seem to accept size dimensions and placements like plain images? Am I doing something wrong or is this an thing that I found that is just… wonky?

Yea you are doing it wrong. In Range Settings set the curvature for a 450 x 450 and for example I set it for 90 degree start point and 120 degree angular distance so it looks like this.

Range Setting

The placement and size are determined by the curving size you can make it smaller or larger.



Indexes are a special complication. I think they are a carry over from GWS but not fully implemented the same way. In GWS you could overlap them and change the point size and number of points, etc. to create unique designs. They were not tap-able and that is still true with WFS.

I haven’t explored the Index Component too much with WFS. Maybe someone that has will have some tricks. In GWS they were very useful.


Would it be possible when customizing the watch face from the watch, for the user to be able to see the changes reflected to the AoD mode as well?

For example i create a watch face with styles available to the active mode and styles available to the AoD mode (make screen dimmer or change the color of AoD). As it is know you can see those elements selected in the wear app but when it comes to customizing on the watch due to screen size you see only the changes made to the watch face when it’s active but you cannot see the changes made to the AoD screen and you just scroll the menu without reflecting the changes that are made in the AoD mode.

Another thing is if it could be possible to name the elements for example (Index colors) as a title and then to be able to see the name or a small description of the element (black, black with transparency, carbon textured and so on).

These are not important requests but they should give a quality of life and ease to the creators and the users.


Would it be possible when customizing the watch face from the watch, for the user to be able to see the changes reflected to the AoD mode as well?

No that is a software issue and I was told it isn’t possible on the watch or on the Wearable App.
You should not allow custom colors in the AOD mode because it won’t be tested for all options and you can create battery drain or cause burn in.
You should not use custom complications on AOD mode they may not reflect any changes in the Normal mode and cause bad customer experience.
You should limit number of complications on AOD mode to bare minimum as they also can lead to excessive battery consumption.
In other words the best AOD is only time components.

Another thing is if it could be possible to name the elements for example (Index colors) as a title

This would be a system feature request I doubt it would work on the Watch and internationally may be a bad user experience.

Samsung Developer Relations

I see, thank you for the quick reply.

I should have added the caveat that this only applies if you plan to distribute the watch faces. If they are for your own use then you can do what you want.

You still can’t customize AOD complications if they are in the same location as the normal one.


Feature request
Export as Android Studio project

This would help to customize our projects in case we want to add something which WFS cant achieve.
I believe it was discussed somewhere.

WFS really simplifies process of creating watch face but what if I want to have more than one complication type in one complication area ? Not possible with WFS but can be easily done with some minor tweak of the watch face code.

@amoledwatchfaces I’ll pass these on but…

what if I want to have more than one complication type in one complication area ?

I think this is an issue with the system customization. I know it messes things up when you have them overlap from Normal and AOD and it seems like it would be very confusing to the end user.

Export as Android Studio project
I think this is beyond the scope of Watch Face Studio intent.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Ron, it only takes few lines of code to add more complication types. Now we can only do one type SHORT_TEXT / LONG_TEXT / SMALL_IMAGE etc…

We can add multiple layouts.

More complication types means that user will have more options for one complication area. For example: short_text - steps but he can also add small_image app shortcut or ranged_value battery.

It would require to add more layouts probably but it would be great for end user.

You can check Google Fit watch face or some stock wear os watch faces (emulator). These all have this implemented.

Edit: I’ll add more explanations & sample projects later

send something to me as I don’t understand how it can be customized.


Hi Ron, unzip this apk & install with ADB (4.2 MB)

Try setting one of the two complications (for example one on the right)

SINGLE Complication spot on this watch face supports not only SHORT_TEXT or RANGED_VALUE or MONOCHROMATIC ICON but all of them - this is crucial


Look how many possibilities !
You can set date & time, but also app shortcut, activities shortcut, basically any complication provider as this watch face complication spot supports all complication types

With the current version of WFS we can only create complication with one type. Yes, we can create different layouts if for text + icon + title but it’s still only one complication type.

So let’s say you create watch face like this

Available for download here: Awf Simple Digital - watchface – Apps on Google Play

On top there are three complications with only SHORT_TEXT complication type (WFS does not allow multiple types). At the bottom from left - Monochromatic Icon(ICON), SHORT_TEXT, Monochromatic Icon (ICON).

This watch face has six complication spots. Our wear os user thinks that watch face works as other watch faces on the play store and he wants to use favorite app shortcuts on the top left / right complication spots. So he goes to customization but he is out of luck as these two complications are SHORT_TEXT only.

With the ability to set multiple complication types in one complication spot - just like in the WatchFaceKotlin apk, user could choose app shortcuts on top, ranged_value complications at the bottom, basically any combination he wants.

We just need ability to merge complication types in one spot. Similarly as layouts are working.


For every complication type - there could also be layout editor with possible layout styles.

I hope I wrote it in an understandable way. It would be a great benefit for users and developers &add an awful lot of options.

At the same time, in my opinion, it doesn’t have to be difficult to implement because we already have everything set up, we have set up the addition of complications, we have set up the editing of layouts. We only need to direct the watch face so that it can produce one complication spot with the support of several types of complications.


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How it could work ?

  1. prepare layouts in all complications types
  2. select all complications (CTRL)
  3. merge complication types
  4. Result:

Code-wise, this is definitely possible & easy to do.

> /**
>  * Represents the unique id associated with a complication and the complication types it supports.
>  */
> sealed class ComplicationConfig(val id: Int, val supportedTypes: List<ComplicationType>) {
>     object Left : ComplicationConfig(
>         listOf(
>             ComplicationType.RANGED_VALUE,
>             ComplicationType.MONOCHROMATIC_IMAGE,
>             ComplicationType.SHORT_TEXT,
>             ComplicationType.SMALL_IMAGE
>         )
>     )
>     object Right : ComplicationConfig(
>         listOf(
>             ComplicationType.RANGED_VALUE,
>             ComplicationType.MONOCHROMATIC_IMAGE,
>             ComplicationType.SHORT_TEXT,
>             ComplicationType.SMALL_IMAGE
>         )
>     )
> }

Let’s unlock full Wear OS complications potential with WFS ! :slight_smile:
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