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Please make that the build files come in the same submap als where the wfs files are placed in the workspace!!

I’ve seen them in the Workspace even when the .wfs was not in the workspace. Is this what you want changed?

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No i want all the files in the same submap als where the wfs files are.
For example if i have a submap called: G001_G010 where the wfs files are, then the build files must come in the same submap not in the workspace. Else the workspace map becomes full of build files.

Thanks GJ

I understand now, like GWS workspace :slight_smile: got full of build files.

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As it was stated in the Galaxy Watch Studio a while back, it would be nice to be able to use tag expressions to change the color.

Feature Request
Add two watch face settings - User set heart rate measurement interval / steps goal into customize menu

I believe Heart rate auto measurement interval / steps goal are just two variables used in WFS projects. Many users are requesting different HR measurement times, one needs continuous / 10 min, other needs 1 hour or manual measurement. Same with the steps goal. Not every user is comfortable with lets say 7500 steps goal per day.

I believe that the perfect way to enable this is to dirrectly add these two settings between other like Style change, color change, complication change into customize menu. Something like this:

heartrate steps

This would be huge improvement.




hi Ron! I think this is a great idea!

I agree with this, especially the heart rate interval setting should can be customized by the user.

Yes, yes, yes, I agree with this.
And second request is add some variables for developers, Facer app has great variables #VAR_1#, #VAR_2#… etc. This would be very very helpfull

  • The ‘Step goal’ is not supported on the platform, so we decide to provide the function to specify the step goal directly.
  • Main menu > Project > Setting > Health tab > Set step goal

I agree having a couple variables that the designer can use for their own use would be nice.

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Layer images and use Tag Expressions for Opacity
use Tag expressions to move images in and out of the watch face.

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I agree that is a good work around. In my case I want to be able to tint an animation from day to night which would mean I would need to have 2 animations which I was trying to avoid.

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Is this what you want?
Enable Tags for Hex color setting


Correct, that is what I was asking for as a feature request.


(tag condition ? #FFFFFF : #000000)

Thats the point. Setting fixed step goal for users is inadequate as every user (not just GW4 users) has different goal. When we release an app with 10000 or 7500 or 5000 steps goal, users are complaining that they dont want our 'preset" steps goal.

If we can set steps goal / hr measurement interval in WFS, it shouldnt be problem to set is as “user set variable”. In that way we wont need these two settings in project > settings. These setting can be removed from WFS completely because user will set their own goal in watch face setting (as on screenshots above)

Designers dont want steps goal to be synchronized (connected) with “platform” steps goal in S Health. If our user want same goal as in S Health, he will set it on watch face setting to match S Health one. In that way our watch faces will have fully working steps goal on every platform :slight_smile: As of today but with ability to set own goal.


Request if in the next WFS update, if some sample projects can be included, just like the GWS.

On GWS it was very helpful and fast to learn the various order of things.

Thank you

Request if in the next WFS update, if some sample projects can be included, just like the GWS.

you can download 3 of them from the WFS Download page

I’ll see if we can make others available, was there any particular one you found useful?

I think having separate examples is more the Android tradition. I didn’t check GitHub but they are probably Android Studio examples there.


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Dont know how I missed it. The “Outdoor_activity” is the type I need. Something more on that will be awesome. GitHub is not for my level. Its for the coding pro’s :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

I would like to automatically display the date format for the European Zone 07/10 or the US Zone 10/07

I’d suggest you use the tag [IS_24H] or the timeline just like the 12 / 24 hour clock. The time library does not show locality information only Timezone

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