Watch Face Studio Feature Requests

You are not being a pest and your questions and others have helped me in understanding WearOS and WFS limitations. I think everyone is learning from this.

In mechanical clocks a “complication” is any thing that requires something other than watch hands like an alarm, date, day etc. Samsung used that terminology for Galaxy Watch Studio.

In the original WearOS there were no tags and personalized watch faces were discouraged. The idea was a developer would create a complication (widget if you like) and it the end user could select it for their watch face. Those complications can not be altered or customized by WFS.

The unified WearOS allows the old Wear OS complications and it also allows designer defined “components”

This brings up two issues
Complications can access data that there are no tags for
-so a suggestion is to create more tags
Complications have default properties that make designing easier and a more unified user experience
-so a suggestion is to create more “components” that mimic complications

Am I understanding you right?

Samsung Developer Relations

It would be better to enter this as a bug rather than a feature request. If you can create a support request and do it that way it can be tracked.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks Ron,

You got it with a few clarifications.
Here’s a set of 3 watch face complications.
The first (left) is a standard Range Value Component.

It allows the watch user (as opposed to the watch face maker) to connect the component to a complication service provider app on the watch, that supports ComplicationData.TYPE_RANGED_VALUE.

The Complication Service Provider App on the watch MUST deliver VALUE, MAX_VALUE, MIN_VALUE, SHORT_TEXT data to the watch face, which then renders a pretty progress bar and the data.
Although WFS only allows you to select Watch battery as a provider in the GUI, on the watch you can choose from many many providers such as Heart Rate, Steps, Chance of Rain and from 3rd party providers too.

All must provide that data and the Watch Face knows what to do with it. The functionality of the progress bar sub-component of the Range Value Component is limited. It has no access to the variables listed above although one can access the pre-defined TAGS.

The second and third images are built from raw components, index, image, text. And use tags to get the data – but these too have no access to any data other than the inbuilt tags.

Imagine trying to reproduce these three complications but using Chance of Rain data.
The first is doable, (hook complication up to provider on the watch), the next two are impossible.

Since (a) you can only hook up Complication Components to Complication Providers and (b) You can’t possibly know all the Complication Providers that exist and will exist in the future, the second approach - using raw components and tags – will never work.

What we to do is extend only the built in Complication Components to expose the data that the Watch Data Provider has to provide. SHORT_TEXT, TITLE and so on. These new TAGS would only be visible and usable in the built-in Complication Components.

Then, inside those components, one could drop in an image or index or anything, wire it up to the special TAG and easily reproduce all 3 of the images below - with any Complication Data Provider, both now and in the future.

Hope that unpacks this…!

Yet another request:

The ability to have more than one instance of WFS open so one can copy and paste between them.
Even if the second and more instances have Build and Run on Device Options disabled.



That was a big request in GWS as well. With GWS you could save as a custom complication but again not idea.


I got it, I believe we are on the same track now :slight_smile:


Just did it, thanks! :+1:

Please add In App Purchase support for Play Store :slightly_smiling_face:

Add a feature where user double tap on an element then it pop up for custom app option where user can select that app for next time whenever he will tap on that element his fav app will launch. It was present in Galaxy Watchface Studio…

There is a Action - Apply Action - Tap - Open App that will do this.
If you have a complication Long Text you can set the default provider for App Shortcut that will then put the icon title and text on your watch face.

Double Tap is a User Interface item and using it would make the watch design not portable to Non Samsung watches. (they may use it to close the watch display)

Samsung Developer Relations

I don’t believe this is possible because it would require some involvement in Play Store. You probably need to use Android Studio for this.

Samsung Developer Relations

Please make that the build files come in the same submap als where the wfs files are placed in the workspace!!

I’ve seen them in the Workspace even when the .wfs was not in the workspace. Is this what you want changed?

Samsung Developer Relations

No i want all the files in the same submap als where the wfs files are.
For example if i have a submap called: G001_G010 where the wfs files are, then the build files must come in the same submap not in the workspace. Else the workspace map becomes full of build files.

Thanks GJ

I understand now, like GWS workspace :slight_smile: got full of build files.

Samsung Developer Relations

As it was stated in the Galaxy Watch Studio a while back, it would be nice to be able to use tag expressions to change the color.

Feature Request
Add two watch face settings - User set heart rate measurement interval / steps goal into customize menu

I believe Heart rate auto measurement interval / steps goal are just two variables used in WFS projects. Many users are requesting different HR measurement times, one needs continuous / 10 min, other needs 1 hour or manual measurement. Same with the steps goal. Not every user is comfortable with lets say 7500 steps goal per day.

I believe that the perfect way to enable this is to dirrectly add these two settings between other like Style change, color change, complication change into customize menu. Something like this:

heartrate steps

This would be huge improvement.




hi Ron! I think this is a great idea!

I agree with this, especially the heart rate interval setting should can be customized by the user.

Yes, yes, yes, I agree with this.
And second request is add some variables for developers, Facer app has great variables #VAR_1#, #VAR_2#… etc. This would be very very helpfull