Watch Face Studio Feature Requests

It is up to the user to determine how often they want to check their heart rate they can do that in the watch settings.
I don’t know what you saw on Galaxy Watch Designer but I have the heartrate complication on mine and it only updates when I update my heartrate by triggering it manually or because of an Activity I am doing.

Did it update continually for you? Even when I set SHealth to continuous report it didn’t seem to change anything on the watch heart rate.

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this watch face continuous show my heart rate

Hi Erez,

I don’t mean to be argumentative I’m just trying to track down how it is done. It may have been an app you have installed.
I tested on one created with GWS and I used the Factory Basic Dashboard and both of them just reported the last measured Heart Rate neither was current heart rate.

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Hi Ron,

That’s OK, as far as it is in the backlog.


It would be great if there is any possibilty to use Sunset / Sunrise data for changing things on the watch.
For example if it Sunset or later, watchface will be darker and luminova parts will start to glow. If sun comes up on next morning, the watch will be bright again and the glow is not active anymore.

It would also be awesome, if there is a possibilty to add a second time zone to watch, which can be changed. Not only digital like in GWS, also for Watchhands please.


It would be great if there is any possibilty to use Sunset / Sunrise data for changing things on the watch.

This has to do with how Tags are implemented and what default providers in complications are in WearOS but we can add it.

It would also be awesome, if there is a possibilty to add a second time zone to watch, which can be changed. Not only digital like in GWS, also for Watchhands please.

I have added user select Time Zone to the feature requests.



Default watchfaces do show constant heart rate.

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Feature Requests:

#1: A Tag for [RANGE_VALUE_MIN], [RANGE_VALUE_MAX] [VALUE], [SHORT_TEXT], [TITLE] and an OPERATOR to convert string to number.

If this is technically possible, would allow for so many wonderful things.

I use my GW4 watch face to display real-time blood sugar readings, from a complication provided by xdrip+. Right now, there is no way to change the text color, (or progress meter color). The “value” is displayed in short_text in the short_text complication and value in the the Ranged Value Complication. With this data, I could set colors depending on values. Just like we can do with built in complications like [BATT_PER]

#2: Allow changing of a components “color” per theme.
Example, White Intent and text on Black Background. Black Intent on White Background.

#3: Enable Shortcuts in Tap Action.
i.e. Action–>Tap—>Shortcut–>Custom—>com.xxxxxxx.xxxx
Right now, the “Open App” action, does not allow access to customizable shortcuts. Even better would be Double Tap actions.

#4: Tap Action Tag (or even better, Double Tap action Tag)
Would allow a double tap to do clever things like move an obscured component group into a visible portion of the screen.

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I don’t think double tap is going to be enabled the reason for a Unified OS is to have one tool that will work on all devices from various manufacturers.

You may want to learn more about complications they use a “Data Provider Service” which is something app developers create. This is not something that is part of Watch Face Studio.

I’ll add the items to my list it doesn’t hurt to ask.

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One more:

#5: Override Progress Bar with pointer instead of 100% filled to value.
Easier to show in graphic than explain. See right hand progress bar below.
Although I haven’t shown it, this would allow us to drop a gauge graphic behind the Progress Bar and have a pointer.

Could be implemented a couple of ways:
(i) A pointer mode setting as well as “Percent Filled” (out of 100%) which starts at current value and works backwards (as shown in right complication below).
i.e. 10% would have a “pointer” at +/- 5% of current value.
(ii) Even better would be to allow using an image (like we do for hours, mins, secs) with a center of rotation. This would allow for needle dials, pointers and all sorts!

I believe all these are possible now, they aren’t pre-written but add an object and have it rotate by Battery Percent clockwise or counterclockwise is pretty straight forward.

If you want battery percent to go from max to min start out at 100 -Battery percent

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I don’t have a Watch4 yet but Tizen watches didn’t and my experts tell me that they only do it when triggered manually or for an activity. You can set it to continuous in the watch settings but I have to assume that is a battery drain.

Hopefully I’ll have one next week.

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I think there is a miscommunication happening somewhere :smiley:

I do indeed use a continuous measurement of heart rate in the watch settings. It does drain the battery a bit faster, but you can still squeeze around two days worth of juice. I did use an active 2 previously, a tizen watch, and now i have a watch 4.

Both show my current heart rate on a watchface with the correct complication and update it every couple of seconds, but only on official watchfaces preloaded on the watch 4, example:

This one works real time, but my custom created face from the studio does not.

Watchfaces created with galaxy studio for tizen watches allow you to select the data provider in a text field:
Which in turn shows your HR on the screen, it is updated according to your settings on the watch, continuous update is possible.

In watchface studio on the other hand

You have to use the [HR] tag. The preview window does show the heart rate when you play with the sliders


But it’s never updated on the watch. The value changes ONLY when you swap to an official one with HR complication and back and then it gets stuck to whatever it read at that moment forever.

Battery and step count tags work as intended however.

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Think one of us isn’t quite getting this one (could well be me).
Right now you can do #5 only with the preset tags (Heart Rate, Battery etc…).
What I am suggesting is to liberate it from those restrictions and have it based on the existing progressbar – and fed by value, min value and max value
…so that any ranged value provider, can enjoy the feature.

Am I making sense?

I think this maybe a bug they fixed in the upcoming update
Sometimes the [HR_IS_MEASURING] tag gets stuck in position 1 (ON) for a long time and does not show heart rate.
There may be other heartrate issues resolved as well.

You meant a ranged value complication and not a progress bar (Component). A complication is something a 3rd party developer created and shared with all users.

Complication have to provide certain information, text, icon and values. WFS can use those but not create them.

A component like the progress bar is something you can use and with tags duplicate a complication in many instances. And of course you can create your own images and do something very similar.

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But Ron – and sorry to be a pest – but there is no way that I can see to do any of the above, through any mechanism outside of the inbuilt tags.

Let’s say I have a complication provider that supports ComplicationData.TYPE_RANGED_VALUE. It provides Value, MinValue, MaxValue, ShortText etc…

There is no way that I can see, that let’s me do anything with those fields.
I am probably mixing up my jargon, but the feature request is to allow a Watch Face Complication and/or a component to react and use those values — not just the built in tags.

As you say – Complications can use the Value, MinValue etc… but it can’t react to them and rotate a subcomponent, or change opacity or whatever based on those passed in values. It can only do it on the predefined tags. So, beyond Battery, Time, Steps and Heart Rate – there is no ability to do the above that I can see.

If we could have support for [value], [short_text], [minValue], [maxValue] then it would, I think, work.

Hard to explain this stuff sometimes. Hope that helps.

I would like to request the ability to have animations follow the theme colour, either as a whole or if we can set it per image within the animation, either would be okay, the latter would give more flexibility. At the moment it severely restricts making colour themes for any watch that has animated elements.

Also to have more options regarding styles. Being able to have more customisation options would be great overall.

I’m not sure if it’s possible but if we could use equations for colour (and other features) that could be handy.

E.g. [Theme_Colour] + (100,0,0) would take the theme colour and then add more red to it

It would be good if the “sweep” movement for the seconds hand could be improved in the next update.

When set to sweep, the seconds hand doesn’t move as smoothly as it did on Tizen watch faces made with GWS for example. It twitches and stutters ever so slightly on the new GW4 devices, enough so that it’s clearly not a smooth movement.
This stuttering is multiplied 10x on older Wear OS devices, making it look like it’s glitching badly.
This is the reason why I had to change the seconds hand movement to “normal” on some of my watches - sweep function just doesn’t look good.

I understand that some complex animations can perhaps stutter slightly due to large amount of frames, memory etc… but a simple seconds hand element should be able to move smoothly.
Please add this to the list, thanks!