Error: Representative's Name Cannot Be Left Blank

I’ve checked my duns and it is a name not an email. Also I’ve tried this time after a week but the issue is still there. Kindly help!

Hello, we have the same issue (representative name is blank after providing DUNS number and cannot be edited) and so we were unable to register as an Commercial Seller. Company is not based in the US so it could not lookup using the DNB lookup tool so see what’s the information in DNB’s database.

Could we get support on this issue?



The representative’s name is the contact person for your company, a person who can be contacted if any legal issues come up. Seller Portal uses the Key Principal from your DUNS profile to fill in this field.

In your DUNS profile,

  • Check that you have a person’s name listed as the Key Principal, not an email or business name
  • Check to see that all of your contact information in your profile is complete (in one case, a missing phone number was causing the problem)
  • Verify all fields use standard English characters (DnB’s Lookup API, used by Seller Portal to get your DUNS information, cannot parse non-English characters)

If you update information in your DnB profile, it may take 2-5 business days for changes to be made globally across all DnB sites (and up to 2 weeks for international agencies). After waiting 5-10 business days for the changes to be made across all DnB sites, resubmit your DUNS to Seller Portal again.

If nothing in your profile needs to be updated, change something to force it to be refreshed. Wait 5-10 business days, then try resubmitting your DUNS number to Seller Portal.

If there is still a problem, you will need to contact Seller Portal support. Open the DUNS Lookup tool, enter your DUNS number, and take a screenshot of your profile information to show that everything is entered correctly. If you cannot access this tool, contact DnB support to see how you can get this information. This information allows Seller Portal support to verify your profile information is entered correctly. Now, log in to Seller Portal and click Help > Contact Us > Contact us at the Customer Center (if a pop-up appears asking if you want to go to, close the pop-up). Describe what is happening and include the screenshot of your profile information.

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