Galaxy Watch Studio and Galaxy Watch 4


i use Galaxy Watch Studio to create Watch faces for my Galaxy Watch Active 2 and all works fine.
Now i want the same for my Galaxy Watch 4, but when i scan for devices the watch is not found.
What can i do?


for Galaxy Watch 4 , you need to use the new software provided by Samsung, as it is running Wear OS and not Tizen, like the older watches.

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Hi Stefan,

You can convert GWS created .tpks to Android .aabs and run on device. There are some restrictions but it seems to be a good tool. You can get it HERE

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In Watch Face Studio i also can not connect to Watch4

I will check this Tool to convert

I forgot my author certificate password created in Galaxy Watch Studio.
what can i do?

You can ask for new certificate

If you do not have any apps in the Seller Portal the author certificate can be changed.
Author Certificates adds code to tell Samsung who you are they are not used for distribution or installing on a watch that is the Distributor Certificate.

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i have downloaded Galaxy Watch Studio Converter and test it.

My watchface is converted and loaded to watch and works, but the heartbeat counter always shows 0, i tap on it and measure, after coming back it shows always 0, what’s wrong?

Then i test WatchFaceStudio, but the only selectable is battery status, no hearbeat, no steps etc…

What can i do?


There are many reports of HeartRate not working for WFS designers. I believe it happens if the Watch setting for measuring heartrate is set to continuous. There is a new version of GWSconverter and WFS can you check on the updates.

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Кто может нарисовать сложный циферблат под заказ? или можете посоветовать контакт или ресурс где можно заказать его?

Is there a place that describes step-by-step how to get a created watchface from the studio to my watch?

Really just want to create one for personal use (if it matters)


@ckelly33 In the studio, in the upper right corner, there is a button to upload to the device.

Thanks. I get no device detected. (On the road so that may not be the exact wording)

Not sure how to get my watch in a mode so that it is detected. Computer, phone and watch all connected to same network

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It is already described on the forum, it is worth reading the topics or using the forum search engine.
You need to activate the developer mode on the watch, it is done the same as on the phone, then turn on debugging over WiFi.

I’m already in debugging over WiFi but the device isn’t showing. No amount of searching (with the terms I knew to use) were coming up with a solution.

Rather than tell me it’s in the forum (I wouldn’t have posted if I had been able to find it) a link would have been helpful

I faced the same problem and couldn’t find a solution.
But my watch is visible from the laptop. I checked the network settings, they are no different. I am currently using a laptop to boot. Yes, it’s funny, but I have no other choice.

The SDK also turned out to be useless, despite the fact that the clock interacts with it. The watch is not visible in “GWS”.

i was having this same issue today, i had my watch in the same internet at home
my pc was connected via ethenet to it and my watch wirelessly
testing i decided to connect my pc to my wireless at home and boom right away detected my watch

so it seems that your pc and the watch both need to be connected to wifi

Yes, while there are a few times I’ve been able to connect with ethernet, it is so rare I don’t even try anymore. I don’t suggest anyone try.
The instructions also say you can connect using your phone and Bluetooth but that has never worked. I’ve asked to have the instructions updated.

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